Top 10 simple ways to save the environment

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Even if we don't always understand it immediately , our impact on the envoronment is huge and this is why we must change our lifestyle in order to protect it.

1. Recycle , recycle, recycle

Recycling is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to help preserve the enironment . By recycling you do not save the environment but you at least stop adding more garbage to the already existing ones .

It is most likely that there is a recycling bin in your neighborhood and it will not be difficult for you to access it and throw your garbage(the recyclable ones) on it.

2. Save Paper

Deforestation is one of the leading environmental problems and one of its causes is the extended use and therefore demand for paper. So what you can do in order to stop this phenomenon is use paper only when necessary . For example you can use your computer or phone for notes and whenever you need to print something ,you can print on both sides.

3. Avoid using Cars (less gas)

Cars are one of the main sources of air pollution , so it would be preferable to only use them when absolutely needed. There are also some more eco friendly cars that cause less pollution . Public transportation , riding a bike or simply walking are some good replacements too.

4. Save Energy

This one is not only beneficial for the environment, but your budget too. One simple axample is air-drying your clothes.

5. Use reusable shopping bags

In some countrys there are laws that ban the use of single-use-plastic bags and other countrys have added a fee to discourage people from buying them . No matter what , using reusable shopping bags is the best option.

6. Plant trees

Trees are our planet's main source of oxygen , while they can also be a beautiful addition to your neighborhood or back yard . Even though planting a tree may be the most difficult of all in this list , you will not regret spending time on it. There are even some trees that dont even need to be watered once planted(olive trees for example) !!!

7. Prefare local products

Prefaring local products means that there will be less products that need to be shipped from far away ,spending mass ammounts of energy. At the same time , you support the local farmers who care and respect the environment .

8. Maintain your vehicle

Maintain your vehicle's air system and clean it regularly . This is not only beneficial for the environment but your health and safety too.

9. Volunteer whenever you can

The saving of the environment depends on people who are willing to devote some time to the maintance of our planet , our beautiful home .

10. Get informed

Keep up with the up-to-date information and news , so that you can find out new ways to help.

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