Top 10 places I would LOVE to visit/live in

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

1. Finland

Imagine staying in a ingloo-looking house, sorrounded by snow. Just think about all this relaxation and beauty all around you .And let's not ignore the propability to exprerience this beautiful phenomenon , the rorthern lights.

2. Norway

The magical little dreamy villages with the classical tiny but bautiful houses are only some of the maaany reasons why norway will always have a unique place in my heart.

3. Anywhere in Ireland

Ireland is in my opinion one of the most beautiful countries, there is green everywhere and for some bizzare reason seems as the ideal place for myths and fairytales to take place. I can just imagine myself living in my childhood fantasies , surrounded by this magnifiscent scenary.

4. Singapore

No matter who you are , it is certain that you have at least once heard that Singapore is the country of the future and there is a reason for the that. Singapore is widely consider one of the most modern and high-tech countries , which combined with its' beauty makes her an excellent destination either for vacation or living.

5. Scotland

How can anyone not absolutely love Scotland? The beauty, the lakes,the piece and quiet are only fiew of the many reasons why Scotland is one of the best places to go to.

6. Canada

Nowhere else is there a more peaceful and beautiful combination of snow with trees and rivers . Even the thought of staying there a couple of days is absolutely magnificent and relaxing.


What better landmark of Europe than Sweden? The country with the radiant and unique colours is one of the most characteristics examples of Europian beauty.


Switzerland seems as a door that opens a wholebrand new and different world while at the same time respects and reserves its cultural and historical beauty . A magnificent country at its finest.

9. England

Of course England could not be left out of this list. The people are amazing and very polite, the food is absolutely awesome and the scenery is breathtaking. Who cannot imagine himself living his dream-life in the breathtaking environment of England?

10. Netherlands

Last but definetely not least , netherlands is one of my all time favorites. The country is simply breathtaking and the people are kind and open minded . Life there seems fantastic.