Top 10 educational videos about biology

Learning biology from textbooks might seem difficult sometimes. Thats why I recomend these 10 videos about different topics in biology, some of which we meet in everyday life and others we don't. Making learning biology quick and easy here are my top 10s... Plus look for subtitles, all of the videos have subtitles in different languages to help you understand better.

1. How a single-celled organism almost wiped out life on earth -Anusuya Willis

Lets start with the microorganism that changed earth forever and caused the first mass extinction… it’s Cyanobacteria

2. Why do we cry? The three types of tears

- Alex Gendler

Learn about the 3 types of tears our body produces and why onion makes us cry

3. What happens when you remove the hippocampus ?

-Sam Kean

Learn about the story Henry Molaison (now widely known as H.M.) the famous patient whose case provided amazing insights into how our brains work.

4. Why do women have periods?

Learn about the real purpose of menstruation and which mamals have periods

5. DNA: The book of you -Joe Hanson

Learn about DNA and how it controls a persons characteristics

6. What happens when your DNA is damaged? - Monica Menesini

Learn about mutations that happen to our genetic material and how our bodies fix them

7. What happens during a heart attack -Krishna Sudhir

Learn about what causes heart attacks and how they are treated

8. How does your immune system work? - Emma Bryce

Learn about how your wounds get healed and why you pass a seasonal cold that easily

9. How food you eat affects your brain -Mia Nacamulli

Learn about the brain, one of the most powerful and mysterious organs of our body and how your diet affects your brain’s function.

10. How CRISPR lets you edit DNA -Andrea M. Henle

Learn about the mechanism that humans borrowed from bacteria to cure diseases.