Top 10 facts about your body, you propably did not know

What do we know better than our own bodies anyways?? Well, actually , that is not true. Our bodies hide some secrets about our past and present(and even future) that we do not really know. In this post I will show you some interesting facts about your body that you most propably did not know.

1. Goose Bumps

Who hasn't had a goosebump in his life? Even if goosebumps are pretty much useless to us right now , they used to be a defence mechanism that emerged from evolution to our ancestors. For them , it was used as when they got scared , their body haid would stand up , making them appear more frigtening to the predator.

3. Blood vessels

When packed , our blood vessels are fit into our bodies. Still , if we could theoritically unpack them and lay them end to end, they would encircle the earth 4 times.


When we breath , most of the air actually goes in and out of the 1 nostril. After some hours the mostly used nostri becomes the other one. This is actually the reason why when we have the flu , only the 1 nostril of us is difficult to breath with.


YES. The number of smells our nose can detect is limited . Still it is extremely big , to about a trillion.

5. Knuckles

Everyone has cracked their knuckles at least once in their life. Well that satisfying sound of cracking them? It comes from breaking gas bubbles in your joints.

4. Cells

Every single second we lose cells of our body. Of course that does not cause any problems as our cells are renewd or replaced all the time . But if we could add up all the cells we lose each year, they would weight more than 4kg.

7. Vision

Our eyes are actually extremely powerful!!! We can see so far away that we could see a light from a candle flame more than 1.7 miles away (in ideal situations).

8. Ear

Our smallest bones are actually in our ears . They are so tiny they could even fit in a penny, yet if it was not for them , we could not be able to hear.

9. Eyelashes

Our eyelashes are not immortal after all. They last about 150 days and then are replaced by new ones.

10. Tall

We are more tall when we wake up than when we go to bed. That is because our joints are pushedby our weight into geting closer.

Fun fact: Teeth

Our teeth are in fact JUST as powrfull as sharks. I am not recomending that you try to bite them once you see one though.

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