Top 10 interesting psychology tricks YOU must try

No matter what you are studying, psychology is a science that you can find useful everyday in your acquaintances and interactions. So here are some really cool psychology tricks you can do.

1. Check if someone is following you

Let's face it, every single one of use has felt that somebody was following them at least once in their lives. For example when it is only you and another person on a pretty much remote road late at night… So yeah here is what you need to do to check out if your fears are reliable. First of all you need to make sure that the person is looking at you… then yawn. Yes, you read correctly. If he/she yawns too then ... call the police because they are definetely stalking you.

2. Make people agree with you

Have you ever been in a situation where the other person is really difficult to make him agree with what you are saying. Well try this: Nod while talking. This will make them believe that what you are saying is true and will propably agree with you eventually.

3. Walking in crowded places

Lets admit, we have all been in a place that is extremely crowded and that is really annoying when you have somewhere you must go to. So try this next time: Look at the place you wish to go to. Dont look at anything and nobody else , just where you want to go. People will understand what you want and make place for you to walk.

4. Winning at rock papper scissors

Ever wanted really badly to win at rock paper scissors? Well you CAN(propably). Emmedietely before playing, as your opponent a question , it does not matter what, just ask them. They will propably choose scissors afterwards.

5. Choose adrenaline

If you need a date to go well , then choose some fun and thrilling activity to do. The adrenaline will make them feel like they are having a good time with you.

6. Laughing

Wonder if your friends feel close to you? Then observe who looks at you while everyone in your friend group is laughing . It means they feel closer to you than anyone else.

7. Make someone feel uncomfortable

Well fun fact: If you want to make someone feel uncomfortable or intimidated (I can seriously not think of a reason why) then stare at their forehead. They will feel like there is something wrong with them . Use it moderately though, dont make people uncomfortable for no reason.

8. Warm hands

Want to make a good impression? Then make sure that your hands are warm when you shake their hands. This will ensure a ''warm'' greeting.

9. First or last

People tend to remember only the first and last, so try to be the first or the last they see for an interview for example.

10. Fake it till you make it

Many people find it really difficult to make new friends and generally meet new peope. If you are one of them , then pretend to be cool about it. It will make people belive that you are really confident and are more likely to like you.

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