Top 10 movies before 2000 that are worth the hype

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Bored in quarantine and trying to find something to watch? Feeling nostalgic or even want to see an old movie you have always heard about but never actually watched ? Here are some movies before 2000 that are actually worth watching and will help you spend your time relaxing and peacefully.

So grab a blanket , get cosy and start watching

1. Pretty Woman

Okay, so this is one of the most well known movies around the world . When it first came out everyone was rushing to the closest cinema. Even now, 30 years later , it has one of the most interesting and exciting plots ever to be created and the actors are absolutely fabulous.

Summary: A beautiful prostitute is searching for the night's date , a man in a high but full of responsibilities position is trying to find an escort for some social events . Two worlds collide and the result is at its' purest form .

2. Chocolat

This one is an excellent movie about feminism and believing in yourself . Personally, I will never get bored of rewatching it. The acting of Juliette Binoche and Johny Depp is simply breathtaking and the issues raised in the film make it one of the most realistic while groundbreaking films of its' time.

Summary: A woman decides to move to a small village in France with her daughter and open a chocolate shop. This of course contradicts with the old fashioned habits of the local population , who try to force them to leave .

3. Dirty Dancing

A movie about growing up and going out of your comfort zone. A movie full of empowering messages and filled with emotions . It will guarantee you a pleasant one and a half hour and will even make you like dancing .

Summary: 17-year-old Frances ''Baby'' Houseman is spending the summer at a resort with her family , where she meets the dancing instructor(Johny) and his dancing team who are preparing for a performance .When Johny's dancing partner gets pregnant , Baby will have to take her place.

4. The dead poets' society

A movie-masterpice, full of morals and feelings ready to shake your world whenever you watch it .Being a poem itself , this movie is just absolutely beautiful and full of messages.

Summary: The movie evolves around the lives of some university students and their relationship with a professor who tries to teach them the beauty of poetry but also life itself.

5. 10 things I hate about you

If you are not sure whether you want to watch a comedy , a romance or just an old time classic , this movie is just waht you need . The storyline is interesting throughout the movie and even though it is a high school movie it is not one of the cliches and you will either love it or hate it.

Summary: A popular and pretty girl is not allowed to date unless her older sister does too , so a boy who likes her pays the school's ''bad boy'' to do so.

6. Anne of Green Gables

No matter how old you are or what you are in the mood for watching , this movie will always bring out the best of you , a child you never thought you had hidden inside you.

Summary: an old brother and sister decide to adopt a boy to help them with their farm but due to a misunderstanding they are given a girl instead, a girl who will bring light to their world but the whole village too , with her bright ideas and unique way of thinking.

7. Notting Hill

One of the best ( if not THE best) romantic comedies ever made this movie is your door to a relaxing 2-hours . The concept is very nice and the acting is fantastic.

Summary: The life of a famous and beautiful actress changes drastically when she has to spend some time with a nice bookshop owner.

8. Awakenings

A movie completely different than all the others in this list but still my absolute favourite . Based on true events , it makes you actually feel like you are living in the movie . Full of emotions and the moralities of life , the movie itself is a road to maturity.

Summary: A caring physician working with catatonic patients who survived a specifc epidemic discovers that they still have some reflects and tries to find a way to ''awaken'' them.

9. Patch Adams

A movie about the meaning of giving and offering without expecting anything in return. Will absolutely make you requestion what is really important, while at the same time make you love life again.

Summary: A depresed man decides to turn his life around and study medicine . Instead of distancing though, he tries to bond with people, thinking that laughter is the best medicine.

10. Philadelpia

An absolute masterpiece , this movie touches on a lot of subjects about racism and will tremendousely change the way you view things.

Summary: A lawayer gets fired from his job working at a huge law firm due to his HIV illness, so he decides to hire an homophobic lawyer to present his case in the court of law.