Top 10 simple ways to stay safe during the pandemic

During these difficult and dangerous times , we must stay safe and protect oursleves .Here are some easy and simple tips.

1. Stay informed

We must not neglect or forget about the pandemic that is currently affecting every single one of our lives, in one way or another. We must take precautions and the first step to dealing with the situation is to stay informed with up to date information. As there still are no stable evidence on details of the way the virus attacks the body , a casual, perhaps weekly, search on the new evidence and precautions is necessary . Also , it is positive to search also about whether there is someone infected near the place we live.

2. Avoid crowded places

Corona virus is being transmited by close interactions , so partys and other crowded places are an absolute NO. Even though that may sound difficult , we must protect oursleves until a vaccine or cure is found.

3. Protect the elderly

Evidence shows that the elderly are not the only ones who are in danger because of the virus. Still , they remain the age group that is in danger most. Because of this, we must protect them, both by helping them with everyday activities so that they do not have to go outside themselves and by trying to take the appropriate measures so not to infect them ourselves.

4. Buy essential products

In such unstable times we can never be sure when the next lock down will be and how long it will last , so it is best to always be prepared. So it is really helpful to have bought some essential products beforehand so as not to have to be crammed in order to buy them after the lock down has started.

5. Stay 6 feet away from everyone

It is understandable that we may want to interact with our friends and family. Still, because we can never be sure whether someone is infected or not, we must stay 2 meters away from everyone so as to protect both ourselves and the people dearest to us.

6. Wash your hands

This is not only important because of the virus but it also protects you from other bacteria and viruses. So WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly and regularly: it protects you and helps you maintain your hygiene

7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Our hands carry MANY particules , that are not sensed or visible . This way in order to protect ourselves we must learn to keep them away from our face.

8. Be especially carefull when in trips

The virus is already easily transmited as it is, imagine having to use transportation, especially in an unkonown place. So if you do wanna travel , be very careful.

9. Wear a mask and gloves when outside

In some countryys this is obligatory . Whether this is the case in your country too or not, masks and gloves can help prevent getting infected by the virus.

10. Do not share items

As mentioned above , the virus can easily be transmited via our hands . This way when someone touches something and we then touch it too, the particles that were on their hands are now on ours. Because of that , we must avoid sharing objects , especially personal ones like toothbrushes or straws.

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