Top 10 ways to reduce your anxiety

A couple years ago, my family and friends describe me as a calm person, but with all that recent events happening in my life, my anxiety has grown, a lot. So here are some tips and tricks that have helped me a lot to reduce somehow the anxiety that controls my life.

●Listen to music●

Personally when I listen to my favorite music is like I'm on another planet, my mind empties and with it go my stressful thoughts that way I enjoy some time stress free. Especially when i decide to listen to music at night just before I sleep, and without even noticing I'm awake the next morning.

●Spend time in nature●

Living in a rural area has helped me a lot, seeing everyday green plants and flowers, the soft wind blowing in my face, and the sun warming my skin, have helped me relieve all the bad feelings I want to avoid and concentrate in life. On the other hand, if you live in a urban area and being close to nature isn't easy try planting a seed and watch as it grows slowly everyday and let that plant remind you that life always continuous.

●Go for a walk and notice others●

If it happens that you are in school or work and anxiety is overwhelming you, take a break even for 5 minutes walk away, for even so little, from your problems, let them sit in the room that you were and notice the people around you, and how they deal with their own problems, remind yourself that you have had to face similar or bigger problems in the past, you have been brave and strong and gone through all that successfully and nothing is going to stop you this time.

●Do something good for someone else●

Helping, being a philanthropist mean that you offer something to someone else to make them happier, but by doing that you have the feeling that you are needed and that you matter, that's one thing that helps me go through hard times.

●Count your breaths and pulses●

Some of the symptoms of anxiety are fast pulses and fast breathing, if you think of it that's exactly what happens when you are scared. In both cases your body releases a hormone called adrenaline. Anxiety is you being afraid of something that isn't really scary, that's why we don't call it fear. By taking deep and slow breaths you will lower your heart beats and by pressing your left wrist you will listen to the pulses of your heart assuring you that you are not afraid of anything.

●Lower your expectations●

Nothing is worse than setting a goal and not achieving it, trust me I've been in that situation, take it easy on yourself ,in fact if you expect little the result will always make you happy, and as Stephen Hawking said "When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have".

●Talk with someone●

There are always some things that worry you and most of the time you keep them to yourself. So start sharing your concerns with someone else that will be really relieving. Your family and friends might be your first thought but sometimes you don't want to talk to someone who knows you, in that case maybe a conversation with a stranger may be helpful enough. My point is that when you share your problems they seem to get a lot lighter.

●Make something with your own hands●

Creating something of your own may be the key to set your mind free of the stress demons. Anything from cooking, baking, Pottery, painting, drawing, planning to writing books/poems, building furniture , cleaning, making jewellery, making soap and candles. Find what inspires you and start using anxiety as motivation to create and make your own stuff.

●Eat healthy●

I know, I know you think eating healthy is so typical but when you do something that you know is good for you, that makes you also feel good and happy, and that brings me to my last advice.

●Choose happy●

The cure to stress and anxiety is happiness. Whenever you are in a bad situation start counting all the good stuff that have happened to you and with a smile forget the bad!