top 10 ways to simplify your life

Are you looking for ways to live your life simpler, better, easier? Here are my suggestions

top 10 ways to simplify your life

I know that prologues are a little boring sometimes so let's get to the important stuff

YOUR HOME: get rid of the things that you don't need, doing that you will open up some space making it easier to clean and keep tidy

YOUR RESPONSE: get used to saying "no" to things that aren't important to you. Don't buy things just because you might need them someday,and don't buy two items of the same product just in case the first will break

YOUR CLOTHES : try to keep clothes that you love and make you feel good. Keep track of the clothes that you don't wear and try to find a new owner for them

YOUR MEALS : find a diary to plan your meals ahead, so you know what you have to shop. That way you keep your mind clear and without stress

YOUR FREE TIME : find ways to be more productive and efficient, don't waste your time on things that don't matter. Be intentional about how you spend your day

YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS : find simple and realistic ways to enter healthy eating and exercise into your life, even if that's drinking more water or going for a walk from time to time

YOUR MIND : drain your brain by writing your thoughts down on paper (bad and good thoughts ) or take some time to clear your mind by meditating

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS : invest your time and energy on people that are worth it. Get rid of negative people in your life

YOUR CHORES AND HOUSEWORK : establish simple daily ,weekly and monthly routines to keep your home clean. Create a schedule and try to keep up with it

YOUR SLEEP: when you sleep you prepare yourself for the next day. You gain strength and energy to pass the obstacles that you will face during the day. Keep up with a sleep routine so that you wake up full of energy everyday.