Top 10 movies to make you fall in love with biochemistry, biotechnology and biology.

Updated: May 20, 2020

Biology-related sciences are some of the most thrilling and exciting subjects to study or read about, yet movies are rarely made about them . This post is supposed to inspire and give passion to those who work in the health industry or wish to do so in the future.

1. Extraordinary measures

This movie is my absolute favorite on the list and one of the reasons why I loved biochemistry in the first place. You will definitely not get bored watching it and will either love it or hate it.

Summary: When his two kids are diagnosed with a leathal and non-treatable illness , a father steps up and teams up with a scientist who claims to have found a possible cure .

2. Awakenings

Another one of my favorite movies . This movie will make you fall in love with biochemistry and increase your passion about offering to the world to its' maximum level.

Summary: A physician working with catatonic patients who have survived a specifc epidemic discovers that they still have some reflects and tries to find a way to ''awaken'' them.

3. The physician

This movie is mostly for biomedical students but it is a great movie generally for everyone who feels the need of helping people and contributing to something bigger than himself.

Summary : A clever and caring young man decides to go to Persia pretending to be a Jew, in order to participate in the school and fight death.

4. Splice

This is an interesting movie about genetics and the possible dangers of crossing the lines. I do not recomend it though to those who dislike horror films or are triggered easily.

Summary: When two medical engineers decide to cross species together , a new and dangerous species is born.

5. Ex Machina

As artificial intelligence is getting more and more ambiguous attention , a movie about it could not be left out of this list. This movie is all about what makes us human and the limits that we are getting closer to crossing.

Summary: A man is chosen to help evaluate a human-looking robot with artificial intelligence.

6. Gattaca

Even though this is a science fiction movie , many parts of it are based on real genetics and biomedical engineering. Great movie to improve your imagination and come up with new ideas easier and quicker.

Summary: In a world where peoples' opportunities are based on their genetic identity , a genetically inferior one exchanges his ID with the one of a genetically superior so as to persue his dream of travelling to space.

7. Patch Adams

This is a movie mostly about medicine. Still, the principles this movie represents are the same for any related subject so I absolutely and unquestioningly suggest it.

Summary: A depressed man decides to turn his life around and study medicine . Instead of distancing though, he tries to bond with people, thinking that laughter is the best medicine.

8. Self/less

Another sci-fi movie (thriller) focusing on the risks of crossing the limits in biotechnology.

Summary: An old but wealthy man , who is expected to die from cancer shortly , decides to undergo a life-changing procedure and transfer his consciousness to the body of a young and healthy man . Problems though appear when he starts having memories of the other man's past.


Testing similar morals as the movie above, this thriller focuses on the posibility of the human mind being tranfered inside the web.

Summary: An artificial intelligence scientist working on a machine capable of understanding human emotions becomes part of the idea himself, after getting shot, as a way to prevent his death.

10. My sister's keeper

Okay so this movie is nothing like all the others in this list but I truly believe that this is a movie that will remind you what we have to stand for and fight for : against a desease that doesn't have age limits or moral values .

Summary: The movie evolves around the lives of a family ,as the youngest daughter - savior sibling- decides to earn her medical emancipation so as to stop helping her sister who fights leukemia.